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A free PVP online shooter with robots

War Robots is a PVP online game where up to six players may take on six players from around the world. You are given a walking robot that is not dissimilar to the ED-209 robot in the 1998 version of Robocop, though each robot has its own design flair and weaponry.

Create a walking robot and smash other players

War Robots allows you to pick a robot and then customize your robot with different weapons and abilities. You fight other players with projectile and energy weapons. There are no tactics in the strictest sense, but some players do well by sneaking up on other players and by moving in a way that makes them hard to hit. The graphics still hold up rather well, and they may be lowered for people with slower computers or unreliable Internet connections. There are 34 robots to choose from, and you may customize each robot with the hopes that the other players are more vulnerable to your type of weapons that they are to yours.

Pay to win

War Robots was a loved and well-respected game until it was updated to a pay-to-win game. Now, people who pay the most are the ones who win. This wouldn’t normally be a problem because many players bought premium accounts so that they may play for longer and add to their arsenal, but now there are extra weapons that must be bought for extra money, and extra updates that players do not receive if they do not buy with extra money. The developers tried to avert the negative backlash by making the purchasable upgrades something that players could achieve, but players are asked to complete tasks that take up to 100 hours in the space of two weeks. The game is only fun if you play with other people who have not purchased the extra upgrades.


  • A free game that is well polished and structured
  • It doesn't punish new players


  • Players cannot carry paid accounts over to different platforms
  • A pay to win game that is unbalanced


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User reviews about War Robots

  • Cohen Fyfe

    by Cohen Fyfe

    I love this game! It's very fun to play. Although one thing. The game is very pay to win. Or wait 1 year to get a decent robot. I thinkMore

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